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Developing countries in africa must do everything they can to develop their Small and Medium Scale Enterprises. Many of these countries have a high (65%) youth population and therefore need to make youth entrepreneurship a priority. Growing the micro, small and medium-scale enterprises (MSMEs) in these countries can easily account for more than 50 percent of jobs created in these countries so thre is less pressure on the few jobs provided by government and other public sector.

Efforts to train young people in entrepreneurship and while at it, ensuring the trainings include learning that enable them acquire skills and tools needed to leverage the web for growth is critical.

Havalah provides clinic sessions which focuses on helping entrepreneurs get fully equipped with the digital tools and receive insights needed for them to grow their businesses. The sessions using case studies and live sessions give attending businesses hands-on experience of how Google, Flutterwave’s products, etc can be leveraged for the growth of their businesses. Havalah identifies consultants and local business owners and managers as mentors and coaches to provide mentoring support. They are able to give attendees personalised advice on how they can use the web including Google, Flutterwave’s tools and other solutions to grow their businesses. We Launch Startups; We provide you all you need to kick your business off the ground and keep it running. Education;Stop guessing. Full-walkthroughs on how to grow like crazy. Community; Business supports from experienced business managers on what works Tools: Apps for Processes and Automation

Connect & Communicate

Idea Validation: Is your new startup idea worth pursuing? Let us take it through our battle-tested process to get insights from experts, customers, and available research to see if it’s worth building. 

Form A Startup: From assembling your team, to incorporating the business, there are a ton of moving parts to forming a startup. We’ll show you what you need to prioritize so you can start off on the right foot.

Monitor & Track

Business Planning: Every great business starts with a great business plan. But creating a roadmap for your startup doesn’t have to be an 80-page snooze-fest. We’re breaking down each component to show you how to knock this out of the park.

Product Development: How do you bring a new product to market? Get a crash course on how to navigate the entire product journey and avoid getting lost on the path to commercialization.

Analyze, Optimize & Predict

Customer Acquisition: How do you find your first customers? Let us show you the fastest way to identify and locate raving fans while using test methods to refine your message and expand customer acquisition.

Culture Creation: Building a kickass company culture takes more than putting a ping pong table in the lobby. Learn how to create a work environment nurtures productivity and gets your team fired up to come into the office.


Argument & Automate

Find Funding: How do startups actually get funded? We’ll take you through everything you could possibly want to know, from what funding options are available, to finding investors, and crafting the perfect pitch.

Startup Finance: Don’t know the first thing about finance? No problem. We’re demystifying the process so you can set up your first income statement and manage your finances in Year 1 and beyond.


Girls Can Code will help to close the gender gap in technology and to change the image of what a programmer looks like and does. It will contribute to building the pipeline of future female engineers across the world.

Digital Schools, in collaboration with the  EDUCARE, Liberia, Havalah in partnerships with Orange Foundation has began working to create digital learning contents in collaboration with schools heads,teachers,etc

Digital Schools

SME Clinic delivers visionary business solutions to pioneering entrepreneurs and small-medium size enterprises, inspiring them to create the next generation of global brands. Our passion is to innovate around their vision by leveraging technology.

The Tech4D initiative is to make understanding of technology and how it can work available for citizens across our countries in Africa. It provides solutions that are simple, effective and designed with the user in mind...

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