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We create Digital Contents for Schools. Digital Schools feeds directly to the SDG 4; Quality Education. 

By promoting digital education, in collaboration with the  EDUCARE, Liberia, Havalah in partnerships with Orange Foundation has began working to create digital learning contents in collaboration with schools heads, teachers and learners as well as the Ministry of Education to improve the quality of education accessed by students in rural and remote schools in communities that are off grid and offline due to lack of Internet access.

With the amount of educational content on the web, it is possible for teachers to go without textbooks and rely solely on digital content. Havalah works to identify trustworthy websites that provides valuable content and builds for schools a library of resources. This provides that advantage of exposing our students to appropriate digital content while teaching them how to find the best sources of information.

In many of our nations in Africa, the quality of curriculums and available training contents for both teachers and learners are very limited. Efforts are therefore being applied to provide resources to teachers so they can do without textbooks and be able to rely solely on updated and globally relevant digital content.

Havalah supports the schools provide and upload their own contents including Lesson Plans, Lessons Notes by subjects into their own school server for use and reuse with the direct benefit that schools will begin developing a library of content that their teachers have created over years such that when teachers leave, the quality of training content does not change.

This intervention aims to reduce the fail rate of students in the West African Examination run across West Africa. The contents uploaded are suited for students preparing for the said examinations using past questions and curbing the number of failures in the WAEC. from experience students who read and revise for examinations using this approach tend to have a clear lead on what and what to expect. This is in addition to several 3rd party online training courses that are supplied in the Digital Schools package.

We take advantage of this platform to expose learners to contents that makes them into responsive citizens by providing contents on the SDGs for example. Young people must be exposed for a broader and holistic understanding of the challenges the world is facing to live more sustainably and be grasp better the impact our actions as citizens,

This focus provides learners with a toolbox of material and tasks for introducing students to some of the sustainable development goals to inspire them to explore and begin to think of possible solutions they can proffer for these challenges.

The provision of affordable, reliable and context-sensitive digital education, can promote equal opportunities for girls and boys and reduce inequalities by ensuring every child has access to high quality content. Digital education technologies improves fundamental skills such as collaboration, problem solving and global awareness. It connects boys and girls from different parts of the world with the possibility of sharing their content with peers living kilometres away while preparing them to compete effectively in the future for work.


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