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Unless the financial sector is fully digitalized and our citizens are empowered to use digital platforms for all daily and routine transactions, there are several hindrances to development that will not be removed. Havalah therefore aims to raise the active users of digital payment platforms such as mobile money across the countries for processing their payment transactions across all sector. Platforms such as Payment to Payment (P2P), Cross-border mobile-money payments platform, etc. are crucial and citizens must get comfortable with how to use them and develop the trust for their use.

It will bring the countries’ large unbanked and underbanked populations onto mobile finance applications. It will provide access to tools, resources and information that support the application of digital finance to address our most pressing development challenges. It will begin to reduce the major issue of corruption which a is a draconian hindrance to growth either to national development and other socio-economic development.

Financial inclusion means that formal financial services—such as deposit and savings accounts, payment services, loans and insurance—are readily available to consumers and that these consumers are actively and effectively using these services to meet their specific needs.  

Studies conducted in countries like Kenyan shows an in increased per capita consumption levels, lifting 194,000 households out of poverty. The system also changed financial behavior—in particular, increased financial resilience and savings. Many people, especially women, also began moving out of agriculture and into business. Evidence suggests that financial inclusion is a key driver to many of the Sustainable Development Goals resulting in positive outcomes across health, education, women's economic empowerment and more.

For the world's poor, the seemingly simplistic function of paying or receiving payment within the confines of a safe and reliable digital infrastructure can mean the difference between sending a child to school or not, cancelling debts or losing assets, maintaining healthy levels of household consumption or straddling between periods of hunger.

Achieving self-reliance for our communities will not be possible without bringing customers into inclusive financial systems that create jobs, build markets, strengthen resilience, and empower women and youth.

The Havalah’s Center for Digital Development works to expand the use of digital financial services (DFS)—mobile money, savings, access to credit, insurance, and other digitally enabled services—to accelerate our development goals and achieve inclusive and sustainable DFS infrastructure in the communities we work in.

As a strategy, we identify and advance market opportunities through partnership and alliance building, engagement, and training and capacity building of Havalah staff and partners.

We collaborate with major players and industry leaders and governments to support inclusive policies that expand relevant, life enhancing financial services to customers at the base of the economic pyramid.

We provide turnkey DFS tools and resources, as well as technical expertise and vision to implement those tools effectively, pairing implementation with integrated capacity building.

Training and Capacity Building

We build knowledge and capacity of our team and partners to integrate digital financial services into projects and programs to enable achievement of objectives across a variety of development sectors such as agriculture and food security, health, education, energy and humanitarian assistance.


  • Banks; UBA, GTB, Central Bank
  • GSM Mobile Money Companies; Lonestar, Orange, etc.
  • Countries’ Multilateral and Bilateral Partners
  • International and Local NGOs working across the Countries
  • Business Associations, Labor Unions, etc.
  • Universities
  • Media
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  • Havalah International Inc. 5375 Five Forks Trickum Road, Lilburn, GA, 30047, USA.
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