Digital SME Clinic

The SME Clinic delivers visionary business solutions to pioneering entrepreneurs and small-medium size enterprises, inspiring them to create the next generation of global brands. Our passion is to innovate around their vision by leveraging technology. Under the SME clinic initiative, we conduct a bi-annual Digital Entrepreneur Summit and focus on the Future of Work project tagged “Digital Inclusion College Students” to push for bridging the digital gap in Higher Learning.

The project DigitaliseSME (Digital Enablers in SMEs: Support for Digitalization to Enhance SMEs’ Capacity to Go International and Innovate) is Havalah International enabler that supports the digital transformation of small and medium-sized companies. It connects companies to digital experts, referred to as “Digital Enablers”. The initiative will make the collaboration of SMEs with Digital Enablers possible, whose needs for digitalization match their expertise, with two weeks of desk work plus a visit of two weeks to the company’s offices. During this period, the Digital Enabler will help the company to set up and initiate a project that will lead to its digitalization and respond to its necessities.

DigitaliseSME is “Preparatory Action” that has been requested by Havalah

Digital Entrepreneur Summit

This is a 3 days event held twice a year to provide learning for the public particularly the youth to train on Online Investment Opportunities. During these classes, interested youth are encouraged to begin their investments on available platforms including; Real Estates, Shares and Bonds, Gold and other Precious Stones Trade, etc.

  • On Line Trading - Over 100 instruments
  • Free Training – Youth require Training
  • Support Trainees to use Automated Software that work 24/7 to manage their investments
  • E trade

This is for those who are ready to take risk and are ready to change their financial situation radically;

SME Products Development and Digital Marketing

  • This component will provide conducive space where young people can come together and share ideas and work individually and collectively.
  • It will also provide monthly training (Seminars) for SMEs
  • It will also work with Universities to support their Marketing Courses to respond and meet the needs of the digital age.

This initiative is packaged in 3 levels;

Level 1.

Youth are supported to

  • Come up with ideas for their products
  • Develop the products
  • Market the product

Level 2.

Youth are supported to work on their own website for effective marketing

Level 3.

Youth are supported to use social media for marketing – Digital Marketing

  • Instagram
  • Facebooks
  • LinkedIn

Where they can become virtual stores through partnership with stores. They can push products for people as a side hustle. 

Additional Benefits

As youth move into the digital space for Digital marketing, Data on SMEs will become more and more

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