Technology for Development

Technology for Development (Tech4D)

Havalah through EDUCARE has entered into a partnership with Tech For Development -Tech4D; an international technology consultancy and capacity building firm based in Nairobi Kenya. The partnership is aimed at working with individuals, SMEs, learning institutions, development agencies and governments in the design, development, implementation and management of software solutions such as mobile applications, mobile applications for data collection and web-based information systems.

The partnership will offer capacity building, research, domain registration and hosting services for citizens using a team of seasoned industry experts with vast experience and excellent work ethics.

The Tech4D initiative is to make understanding of technology and how it can work available for citizens across our countries in Africa. It provides solutions that are simple, effective and designed with the user in mind in order to transform lives, optimize every aspect of citizen’s existence, simplify work and gain an edge over the competition.

A big part of the initiative is focused on data, data collection, analysis and reporting for effective and smart decision making in national plans and development plans. There is strong service for the provision of extensive knowledge in the use of 3rd party data collection tools including ODK, KoBoToolbox, Open HDSS, CSPro for Mobile, Open MRS, Epi Info, Ena, Magpi,, SurveyCTO amongst other tools.

Technology for Social Change

The question of "What is Social Innovation" is answered here; Social Innovation is a concept still in construction that includes initiatives targeted to finding new ways to satisfy social needs that are not adequately covered by the market or the public sector, or to produce the necessary changes to solve the big social challenges we are currently facing”.

Many people become engineers or designers because they hope to change the world for the better using technology. But technology as a tool for social change has a complex track record, filled with unintended consequences. This class uses the idea of values-driven design to help creators consider the politics of the technologies we use and which we bring into the world and teaches methods of research, design and deployment intended to help technologies meet the needs of real-world communities. Through seminar-style discussions and design exercises, we will explore pressing ethical issues around technology and learn techniques of community-driven design that help us build tools in cooperation with the people who want and need them. Students will develop a semester long design document for a social change project of their choice. Evaluation is based on weekly writing exercises, the design document, a final presentation and class participation

Tech for Change is setup for empowering and connecting change agents and Social Innovators Across Sectors is crucial in changing stereotypes, perceptions, attitudes and culture that feed negative behavior. It will work for Innovative Social Change. Tech for Change will aim at designing innovations around strategies and propose sustainable solutions to social challenges.

We believe in the power of bringing together key stakeholders to create a shared vision and strategies for concerted action and will work with other social innovators and change agents from all sectors

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