What We Do?

We work to build technology synergies between governments, civil society, business, academia and communities to achieve sustainable impacts. Knowing that technology has a great potential to help deliver development objectives across Africa and support its achievement, Havalah works to inclusively deliver solutions to institutions keeping a keen focus on ensuring that everything at the root of exclusion and inequality are addressed and the benefits of advanced technologies are harnessed for all.

Havalah's work focuses on the four top-level impact functions that serve as a framework to explain and characterize the contributions digital technologies can make toward achieving all development targets:

  • Digital Schools
  • Digital Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SME)
  • Technology for Development (TECH4D)
  • Women in Technology; Bridging the Digital Divide (Girls Can Code Flagship Project)
  • Strategic Partnerships and Advocacy

While paying attention to how digital technologies may introduce opportunities but also bring potential negative effects in the development of these nations.

Currently, Havalah works by providing the following services; Digitalization of Schools, Linkages of technology and innovative solutions for the expansion and maximization of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises through its SME Clinics, provision of digital solutions for financial services inclusion including insurance services and the provision of technology under its Technology for Development (Tech4D) component. 

Havalah's Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs is aimed at encouraging young people to begin early and acquire the skills needed to develop local solutions for local challenges including for Social change solutions. This component targets young women in the majority and is geared at contributing to her gender equality agenda.

One of Havalah's main objective is to empower women and girls so they access and use digital technology for the advancement of the following overarching pillars:

  • Women prospering in the workforce;
  • Women succeeding as entrepreneurs;
  • Women enabled in the economy by removing restrictive legal, regulatory and cultural barriers.

We know that to empower women, digital ICT programmes must address gender-and class-based barriers to women’s access. We therefore work to ensure women and girls can be active conveyors of ideas and information through their use of digital ICTs rather than be passive recipients of information.

Havalah supports research activities to know how digital ICTs contribute to women’s mobilization around particular issues and what solutions are effective in enabling them to project their views and interests in ways that influence decision-makers.

We advocate for e-government to empower women practically through activities and that tools are designed and implemented and ensure women are able to actively use them.

Ensure that programmes consider the possibility of digital ICTs increasing women’s insecurity and/or risk of violence.

Advocate for Laws and policies governing internet use that are gender-aware and protect users from violence and harassment.


  • Havalah Liberia Inc. Former World Bank Office, Old CID Road Junction, Sekou Toure Avenue, Mamba Point, Monrovia, Liberia.
  • Havalah International Inc. 5375 Five Forks Trickum Road, Lilburn, GA, 30047, USA.
  • +231 (886) 512145  / +231 (778) 228106
  • +231886534673 / +1 (470) 569-2120
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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